It’s Time To Respect Dwayne Johnson


The Emmys was only a few weeks ago, there is an actor, whose never comes up, but should be considered for next year’s award season: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Now while The Rock’s epic rants during his “WWE” wrestling days, should have at least garnered a special Emmy on its own, Johnson’s current role as retired NFL turned financial manager Spencer Strasmore on HBO “Ballers” has given Johnson the freedom to flex the dramatic skills that we sparingly get to see in his big budget films with Vin Diesel or Kevin Hart.

If there is one clip Emmy voters should see is the recent “Ballers” season finale as a hungover Strasmore (Johnson) apologizes to former NFL teammate Eddie George for losing his money and friendship, in front of the NFL rookie symposium.

Nevermind that in reality, it would take great stones for a retired player to make that type of admission, you feel for the dazed and ruffled Strasmore as he achingly tries to right wrong of a friend from the past, while wondering if this admission will destroy his career financial manager in the future.

The camera work and Johnson’s honesty was so convincing that the scene feels more like a clip from HBO’s NFL documentary Hard Knocks, than a scripted TV show,” (where you Liev Schreiber for the voice over?)

Given that the only HBO shows Emmy voters seem to only like these days is “VEEP” and “John Oliver,” “Ballers” will probably not get much, if any Emmy love.

But for my money, Dwayne The Rock Johnson is proving every year that WWE rants were just the beginning of a stellar career that was once improbable, but continues to become legendary each and every year.





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Facebook Thoughts: Keith Lamont Scott

So plain clothes cops in a unmarked car are going to serve a warrant to someone and they allegedly see Keith Lamont Scott rolling a joint.

They get more police and they see that Scott has an ankle holster and may or may not have a gun (in a open carry state).

He gets out of his car, begins backs up with his hands down and now he’s dead.

The disturbing thing is that instead of going after the person with the warrant, the plain clothes police went after the guy who was about to smoke marijuana (allegedly).

So he died over WEED???

What happened to person who had the warrant in the first place???

In contrast, Dylan Roof killed nine people in a church in South Carolina and he was arrested in North Carolina without incident.

I guess the moral of the story is if you shoot up a church, you can go to Burger King , but if you roll a joint, you will end you dead.


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In Honor of Rihanna

I always marvel at music acts like the Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen & The E. Street band, who basically play a different set list on any given night.

After watching her recent performances at the MTV Music Awards and the Global Citizens Festival, Rihanna is also that type of artist.

Now before people call blasphemy for comparing RiRi to Mick, Keith, Eddie and Bruce, the fact is that Rihanna has been one of the best hitmakers out of the iTunes generation.

From “Pom De Relay” to “Where Have You Been” to “Werk”, Rihanna has skillfully been able to not only choose the right songs but to also to the knack to ride a trend early (“We Fell in Love”) and get out early at the right time to try something else  (“Four Five Seconds”).

Even Sir Mick Jagger would tell you that being creative is not good enough.

You have to be able to not only give an audience what they want, but also give them something they didn’t know they needed.

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How The Suicide Squad Influenced My T-Shirt Business

So the Suicide Squad comes out this week and being the social media guy in the box and I decided to embrace my love for The Joker and Harley Quinn with T-Shirts.

 Yes T-Shirts! 

One of the great thing about social media and how much you can try new things for free.

So I have been playing with the T-Shirt platform Spreadshirt, where you create a tee and they print and mail the order.

I decided to go with the name Benni Rivers for my store and first tees showed my love for Akron, Cleveland and  the state of Ohio,

followed by a few political T-shirts, including my series of Make Hip Hop Great Again tees.


Pretty soon I embraced my music side with my love for soul ,
…followed by my fondness for Deep House Music. 

…which was quickly followed by my followed a string of pop culture shirts,  including who did Negan kill on the Walking Dead. 


Now comes Suicide Squad, where I  partnered with some designers on some tees.
Am I  the next Kanye West who can sell out T-shirts at a pop up shop?

Probably not but the idea that you can designs tees and make some money is quite fun and appealing.

Be sure to check out my tees and and tell me what you think and if you like’em, place an order.

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Kevin Lockett Releases Interactive Content Marketing eBook

51uGBmnBkgL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_[1]New eBook helps Marketers and Newbies Learn How to Find, Engage and Creating Content from Industry Leaders  

AKRON, Sept. 15, 2015— “Give them [the audience] what they want…when they want it…in the form they want it in!”

Kevin Spacey’s quote kicks off “So You Think You Know Content Marketing” (Lockett Media), a down-to-earth guide that focuses on helping anyone Find, Create and Engage audiences through content marketing.

“I was interviewing Joe Pulizzi from Content Marketing Institute for my “Digital Life with Kevin Lockett” podcast a few years ago and towards the end of the interview, I asked him how could I brand myself better and he told me to write a book!  Kevin Lockett says. “So a few years later, I wrote a (e) book!”

The beginning of each chapter features a quote and a link, from a digital influencer like Pam Didner, Gini Dietrich, Andy Crestodina, and GE’s Katrina Craigwell, different aspects of content marketing including online conversation marketing, digital platforms, mobile strategy, content distribution, social media policy, leadership and more.  Kevin then offers his take on the quotes with his own social media advice or case studies, which also include links to articles, videos and podcasts to add even more insight.

The idea of the interactive nature of “So You Think You Know Content Marketing” came from another former podcast guest, Damon Brown. “Damon’s eBook, “Our Virtual Shadows,” was the best eBook I have ever read, because he was engaging his audience with links within his content. I have never seen anything like that before, “Lockett says enthusiastically. “I was so impacted by his eBook that I knew that if I ever wrote my own, I wanted my readers to have the same experience I had, the first time I read his eBook”.

Interactive as well as diverse, “So You Think You Know Content Marketing” also offers features urban professionals, who are also finding success in the digital arena, but whom are rarely covered in business books.

“If you look at most books about digital marketing or social media, very few, if any, offers case studies or insight from minorities in the digital landscape, so I wanted my eBook to include everybody,” Lockett says.

“So in one chapter, you  might read a thought provoking quote from Moz’s Rand Fishkin, but in another chapter, you will experience a powerful quote from Anthony Frasier from The Phat Startup or read a case study about Black and Sexy TV, on building a video brand online,” Lockett continues.  “There are so many great stories of people of color in the digital space, I felt that more people should be exposed to their stories and learn from them.”

Whether you’re a CEO of a startup, a social media professional, or a person just trying to figure this thing called digital marketing “So You Think You Know Content Marketing” is a fun, engaging read that will help develop your content and engage your audience, which will lead towards greater profits, growth and a better understanding of content marketing.

So what are you waiting for? Start your interactive journey with “So You Think You Know Content Marketing” now!

So You Think You Know Content Marketing by Kevin Lockett is NOW available on Amazon

Listen to podcast interviews from content marketers at or

For interview requests, please email

About: Kevin Lockett: Kevin Lockett is a social media strategist, podcaster, pop culture critic and host. He’s founder of Lockett Media, which helps nonprofits with social media strategy and content and is the host and producer of “The Digital Life with Kevin Lockett”, where he’s interviewers authors, tech leaders and pop culture influencers including ABT ballerina Misty Copland, Time Magazine’s Joel Stein and Forbes’ Zack O’Malley Greenburg. In 2015 he launched Code Akron to introduce urban youth in Northeast Ohio to coding and business of technology. Find him on Twitter @KevinLockett or visit, and his podcast at

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Podcast: James Lopez: The Phat Startup & The Tech 808 Conference (#Tech808 #Bossup)

On the latest Digital Life with Kevin Lockett podcast, Kevin interviews The Phat Startup co-founder James Lopez on:

  • The Phat Startup’s  upcoming Tech 808 technology conference in New York City
  • How the Lean Startup method has a lot in common  Hip Hop
  • The need for diversity in technology
  • Tech 808’s first keynote speaker: Girls Who Code founder,  Resha Saujan  
  • The origin of the term #BOSSUP.

Listen to the full podcast at

Contact if you like to be a guest or sponsorship information.

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Tweet your way to Fifth Harmony!

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