Podcast: Maurice Martin (WinslowSoul): Music Licensing, YouTube & SXSW (DigitalKev.com)

On episode #14 of the Digital Life, Kevin Lockett talk to Maurice Martin, lead singer of the rock/soul band Winslow.

With a hearty assist from Little Fish Records & Tinder Box Music, the Akron/Cleveland based band is part of growing number of artists who are using music licensing to find audiences (MTV, NASCAR, Bad Girls Club).

During the conversation, Maurice talks about the band’s experiences at South by Southwest, their love of food, the love they have performing and his thoughts on what special each band member brings to Winslow.

The band also has a popular YoutTube series called “The WInslow Chronicles” and recently scored the music for the Cleveland Browns documentary “Red Right 88″

Click on the link on the top to hear the podcast. 

You can find out more about Wislow at WinslowSoul.com or on Twitter &  Instagram @WinslowSoul.


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Geek Beat Live’s Cali Lewis on Building a Local Tech Community

On this bonus track from the Digital Life with Kevin Lockett podcast, tech queen Cali Lewis discusses how social networking tools like MeetUp and Eventbrite can help build a local tech community.

You can hear the full podcast at www.digitalKev.com. You can follow Cali Lewis on Twitter.com/CaliLewis orwww.GeekBeat.TV. You can reach Kevin Lockett at  Twitter.com/Kevinlockettsoul88.com orLockettmedia@gmail.com

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Podcast: Ben Greenman on Print Journalism vs. Digital Media

On this Digital Life bonus track on Soundcloud, New Yorker editor and co-author of Questlove’s “Mo Meta Blues” discusses the future of newspapers and magazines vs. digital media platforms.

You can hear the full podcast here goo.gl/OkWRVq on iTunes (goo.gl/UhwCl) or DigitalKev.com

Follow Ben Greenman at wwww.Twitter.com/BenGreenman.

You can reach at www.Twitter.com/Kevinlockett, www.soul88.com or Lockettmedia@gmail.com

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Mark Cuban Crowdsources For New Dallas Mavs Jerseys

Steve Nash, Mark Cuban and Dirk Nowitzki in the old days. (Glenn James/ Getty).

On his blog recently, Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban wrote that he is looking for someone to create new jersey designs for his beloved Mavs for the 2015-26 season.

The idea that the ABC “Shark Tank” star is thinking outside the box and is offering regular people a chance to be part of NBA history is fantastic.

In simple terms, Crowdsourcing is basically  where you ask a bunch of people to help you  solve a problem.

So instead of asking  high-priced consultant to solve your problem, you put out there in the digital universe so anybody, anywhere can help you the find the solution.

 Kickstarter is a form crowdsourcing where regular folks helps people fund their projects. The Boston Bombing was another form of crowdsourcing as people sent their digital photos to the law enforcement to help them find the bombing suspects.

The fact the Mark Cuban is using crowdsourcing to help design his team’s jersey is pretty remarkable.

However there is a catche….no compensation.

Cuban said ” If you think its cool that the Mavs could possibly use your design and you will have eternal bragging rights , then post away. If we really like your design and you , I may even throw in some tickets.”

I think most professional designers would take a job like this pro-bono job for tickets, just because they probably  feel like the “bragging rights” alone could lead to more lucrative designing opportunities.

However, if you are regular basketball fan who likes designing, but is not  business savvy, watching your jersey sell millions, while you only have a few tickets to show for it, might be bitter-sweet.

Look, I’m a big Mark Cuban guy.

Ownership wise the NBA is actually stronger because he brought new ideas and enthusiasm to the league.

In fact,  I wish Cuban would bring this love to game to Cleveland to either buy the Indians or the Browns one day, (especially  if current Browns owner Jimmy Haslam can’t shake his rebate case with the IRS and the Feds).

However as much as I like Cuban and his crowdsourcing jersey idea , here’s hoping that the winner will get something in between a few tickets and the millions the jerseys will make a few years from now.

It would be the right thing to do as well as seal Mark Cuban’s legacy as one of the best, innovative  owners of all-time.

Which could  make him one of the best owners of all-time

Should companies/organizations compensate a person(s) if they crowdsource a problem that could make money?

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Zoom H1 Makes Greater Urban Film Fest Podcast Sound Great!

 On the recent episode of the Digital Life with Kevin Lockett podcast, I hit the road and attended the  second annual Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival

GCUFF is yearly film fest in Cleveland, Ohio which features minority filmmakers as well as  films about people from different cultural backgrounds.

Another great thing about GCUFF is that they also have  a variety of  engaging, thought provoking  panel  discussions.

 I attended  two of the panels. One was creating a web series with the producers and cast from “Black & Sexy”  while the other was a discussion on animation and gaming 

Following the animation panel, I interviewed three of the panelist: directors Eric Matthews (MadWerkz Films) LeSean Thomas (Black Dynamite/ The Boondocks) and gaming specialist  Tamar Medina (formerly of EA Games) using  my Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder.

Now don’t be surprised by the slenderness  or the toy-like appearance of the of Zoom H1. For being a small recorder, it packs mean vocal punch!

All you do is press the red button and your automatically in digital journalism mode, (if you can find a wind muff for it,  is sounds even better).

I bought my H1 on Amazon last year for less than a  $100 and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. 

The H1 is also great if you are a filmmaker looking for a digital recorder on a budget.  

Now if you are filming something a bit sturdier, you might want to check into another Zoom recorder like the H6 , the Tascam DR-40 or other digital recorders including the Zoom H4N (right).

If not, just put a muff on your Zoom H1 Handy portable recorder and channel your inner J.J. Abrams.

You won’t be disappointed.  

Check out my H1 Zoom Handy recorder interview at Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival  on episode 5 of the Digital Life with  Kevin Lockett here . 

Find out more about the Greater Cleveland Urbaan Film Festival, go to Gcuff.org.

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Talking BlogTalk Radio and 2013 NFL Draft with Aki Jones

I am a BIG NFL Draft guy.

Yes, I am that guy who buys the draft guys every year who sits in front of the TV, Thursday night, Friday night and most of Saturday watching seven days of the draft. I know what you’re saying:

“Wow that sexy guy is living  the life”,” I know, right?

But seriously, I am true draft junkie and when you throw in Twitter  in the mix, I constantly checking to see who might go where.

So on episode three of the Digital Life with Kevin Lockett podcast,  I decided to interview Aki Jones from the NFL Draft Bible.

The digital slant of our discussion is that Aki and the NFL Draft Bible has a Blogtalk Radio show and YouTube Channel where they interviews players.

When I first started researching podcasting, Blogtalk was something I strongly considered, but I decided to pre-tape my interviews instead of going live.

Blogtalk Radio is actually a pretty good platform for podcasting, but the you can only upload shows 30 minutes and under for the free service and my first few podcasts were about 40 minutes each (learning how to edit out interesting content is one of the toughest things about podcasting, but its getting easier).

But enough of me jabbering away!

Click on the podcast below and take a listen to Aki Jones and I discuss Blogtalk video, the diference between podcast interviews vs video ones and the NFL Draft prospects for my long suffering Cleveland Browns.



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How I Launched My Podcast Due to a Slight

digital life logo 1

(Listen here http://www.buzzsprout.com/10158/81157-digital-life-with-kevin-lockett-1-leah-haslage)

Last year this time I said it would be cool to launch a podcast.

I downloaded the free editing software Audacity.

I had my ideas for shows.

Then nothing happened…

Although I knew how to edit video, my only knowledge of editing audio was the big reel to reel tapes in college, I had no clue how to edit digital audio.

Plus, how should conduct my interview?

Skype, Blog Talk Radio or Google Hangout? I had no clue because I didn’t have any experience in any of them. I was lost, frustrated, confused…to quote Richard Gere in “An Officer and a Gentleman” “I got no place else to go!”

I decided to put podcasting on the backburner, while focusing on helping shape more social media campaigns  creating more blogging content.

Flash forward to early 2013 where  on Facebook there was local guy who was doing some work on NPR nationally saying he was looking for a person to co-host his new podcast show.

The idea of podcasting was still in me. This could be my way in to learn podcasting by simply being a co-host first.

I contacted the guy on Facebook and sent him a link to a Google Hangout I did before the holidays with my Digital Akron partner Sage Lewis .

No response.

A few weeks later, he was again saying he was looking for a co-host.

I sent another message, but this time he responded. He said,  “I got video and it was nice…but you’re not ready yet.”

Now I have heard this guy before and he’s pretty cool character, but its not like he was  Howard Stern, Michael Baisden or Garrison Keillor on the radio.

Although he had more experience than me, he was not better than me.

From that point on, my goal was to prove that guy wrong.

On my own with fire in my eyes, fingers and thumbs, I took a crash course of editing, music copyrights, podcast hosting as well come up with a solution out how to do interviews.

After staying up late nights, editing, saving, editing again, saving  and the re-editing, “The Digital Life of Kevin Lockett” podcast is finally here .

The show is everything that I love: pop culture, social media and talking to interesting people.


My first guest is TV20 Cleveland host and social media manager Leah Haslage  (you can read more about how Leah ended up as my first guest on my pop culture blog “Music is My Soul”).

Later on, I will  post my experiences on how I put the “Digital Life” podcast together, but today, I wanted to tell you my journey from how I pushed fear and doubt aside to flesh out a dream.

I went from a guy who had an idea but no podcast vision in 2012 to a guy who found his podcast vision in 2013 due to a slight.

I still might not be totally “ready yet” but I will be soon…very soon.

Follow The Digital Life with Kevin Lockett podcast on the following channels:

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